CMT and Outsourcing /

Collaborative manufacturing suite from Quote to Ship

Apparel Connect manages all bundle movements down to the individual bundle panel enabling you to know exactly where each piece of your garment is at any all times and preventing any shading issues. The Apparel Connect CMT module gives you complete control of your assets wherever they are.

  • Support for multiple work order sequences with unlimited steps

  • All jobs controlled with journaling feature providing historical management of quantity control and auditing

  • Full management of fabric issues and work orders at individual roll, bundle or body part level.

  • Control all accessories issued with fabrics

  • Create delivery orders, stickers, bundle lists and receipts and issues

  • Simultaneous outsourcing: Send different panels in one bundle to two outsourcers at the same time

  • Outsource purchase orders fully integrated with order costing module .

  • Combine orders together

  • Local and export outsource sewing management