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Collaborative manufacturing suite from Quote to Ship

In addition to the wealth of management reports built in to Apparel Connect, as part of every implementation we develop custom reports particular to your company and your needs.

When it comes to business intelligence and analytics, you will find Apparel Connect offers a level of flexibility and power unmatched across the entire apparel industry, even from packages costing more than 10 times as much..

A portfolio flexible pre-developed reports that allow users to analyze vital and timely information about products, sales, outstanding orders, work in progress, and other crucial business metrics. This enables professionals across the business to uncover and correct process breakdowns and inefficiencies, and instantly identify and leverage new market opportunities. All reports can be produced as PDF documents, HTML, JPEG, SQL, exported to Excel, or easily emailed right from Apparel Connect.

db Solutions (Thailand) will work with you at the analysis and implementation stage to identify any new reports , screens, or other customisations required.

Apparel Connect also integrates with industry standard 3rd party tool Qlik View

Through this information, top management is able to take advantage of visually rich interactive dashboards and analysis through this powerful Data Warehousing and interactive reporting platform.